7 Gift Ideas For That Special Bike Enthusiast In Your Life

Posted on: 26 May 2015

Bicycling increases brain power, decreases the risk of heart disease, encourages better sleep, and even helps to save the planet – so it makes sense to support a loved one's enthusiasm for the sport. To do just that, consider one or more of these seven awesome gift ideas for that special bike enthusiast in your life:

Padded Bike Shorts

Breathable bike shorts that are padded on the rear will help keep your favorite bike rider on the road longer so they can more easily accomplish their performance goals. Look for form fitting shorts that won't snag on the bike while in motion, and that sit above the knee for optimal flexibility. And the elastic waist should be reinforced so it stays snug even after extended wear.

Strap-on Saddle Bags

Sometimes a protein-rich snack and a change of clothes are essential travel companions during long and vigorous rides. Strap-on saddle bags quickly and easily attach to the frame of a bike for extra storage and zip tight for weather and theft protection. Choose bags with reflective trimming for extra riding exposure. Small hooks or loops should also be present to accommodate tools or hanging reflectors.

A Mountable Speaker

It can be dangerous to ride a bike with headphones in because cars, animals, and passersby can't be heard, which can cause a serious accident. But music is motivating, and most avid bike riders can't imagine a jaunt without their favorite tunes. Help keep the bicyclist in your life safe on the road with the help of a mountable speaker. These speakers accommodate MP3 players and cell phones as music sources – be careful to pick one that is waterproof for all-weather riding.

Moisture Wicking Cycling Socks

If the cyclist in your life enjoys riding long distances, chances are that their sweaty feet make them uncomfortable and limit their focus before the end of their sessions. The answer to this problem is moisture wicking cycling socks. These specially designed socks help keep feet dry no matter the conditions, provide some extra padding to minimize blisters, and even help to tighten up calves. Socks that use compression technology can also help increase blood flow to the muscles being used while cycling.

Colorful LED Bike Lights

As a cyclist, it can be fun to show off a little with flashy accessories, and LED lights are the perfect option. They help alert people of a cyclist's presence when it's dark outside, and they are pretty impressive at the skate park any time of day. LED bike lights come in waterproof tubing that looks like ropes, and can be attached to tire rims or the frame itself. It's a good idea to pick up lights that come with a rechargeable battery pack so your favorite cyclist doesn't have to worry about buying batteries on a regular basis.

Gel Padded Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves keep hands warm and supported on the road, leaving the top halves of all ten fingers exposed for optimal riding control at all times. Gloves designed specifically for cycling also offer extra protection against injuries in case of an accident. The best gloves are gel padded at pressure points throughout the hand to minimize impact on trails and tough terrain, and those with open cell palms offer breathability so that sweat doesn't become an issue.

A Repair Shop Gift Certificate

Every avid bicyclist ends up with a broken spoke, a bent frame, or damaged handlebars at one time or another, and repair costs can add up. Why not help out with a gift certificate to their favorite bike repair shop? Chances are that they can score some needed accessories instead if they don't need repairs. 

Mixing and matching these options allows you to create a customized gift pack that meets the performance and style needs of the gift recipient.