How To Order A Custom Weightlifting Belt

Posted on: 21 January 2020

Weightlifting is an excellent sport that people participate in for many reasons. Some people choose to lift weights for the health benefits, while others lift to sculpt their bodies. Some people even choose to lift weights competitively. No matter why you lift weights, it's important to take care of your body. Proper form and the right equipment can help you avoid injury. After proper shoes, a weightlifting belt is your most important piece of equipment.

When worn correctly, a weightlifting belt will give your core muscles something to brace against. It can also remind you to keep your back straight so you can avoid straining your spine and back muscles. A weightlifting belt is a must have for any weightlifter. Here are four things you'll want to do when ordering custom weightlifting belts:

1. Choose your material.

Weightlifting belts are often crafted from leather, since leather is a premium material that also has the durability and stiffness required to protect your back and core. However, there are other options available as well. Vegans will want an alternative that's free from animal products, and that's where canvas weightlifting belts come in. Canvas is a stiff material that has the same strength as leather when appropriately reinforced. Discuss your options with your weightlifting belt designer before making your final choice.

2. Pick a color.

If you choose a canvas weightlifting belt, you will have a wide variety of colors to choose from. You can have one made in your favorite color. If you lift weights competitively or with a team, you may want to show your team spirit with your choice. Even leather weightlifting belts can come in various colors. Dark brown, tan, white, and black are common colors for leather belts. If you plan to have an additional design added to your weightlifting belt, keep that in mind when selecting your base color. Make sure you pick a color that will allow the subsequent design to show clearly.

3. Choose your custom design.

Customizing your weightlifting belt is one of the most exciting parts of the process. This is your opportunity to let your personality shine through. If you have a favorite short motivational quote, you can ask your belt designer to add it onto the visible face of your weightlifting belt. Canvas belts can be personalized with embroidery or paint, while leather belts can be personalized with paint or leather punching.