Build Strength Through Full Body Exercises

Posted on: 23 June 2021

Full-body exercises can provide many health and fitness benefits, including building strength. When you work your entire body with just a few moves, you can do much more than you would if you worked one muscle group at a time.

You can build muscles and endurance by performing full-body exercises like these ones.


A plank, performed on your hands or forearms, can provide you with a great strength workout. You'll hold the position for three sets of about a minute, resting for a minute in between. Planks work your abdominals, back, and deep core. They also help you build strength and stability in your arms.

Want to up the ante? Pull one knee at a time to your chest for a mountain climber. If you move quickly, you can get some cardio here too. Want to work your arms more? Turn your planks into push-ups before your set is over.


You can also work a variety of lower body muscles with a basic squat (or variations, like a plie or sumo squat).  Squats work glutes, hips, and hamstrings, and you can add work to the core if you maintain your posture. You can add weights and a press for some upper body work too.

One-Leg Toe Touch

The one-leg toe touch is similar to a one-leg deadlift. It is great for your balance, which also works your core. This workout is great for your hamstrings, and you can add a dumbbell to get some arm results too.

Not ready for one leg? Keep both planted on the floor and perform the standard deadlift with or without weights.

Side Lunge to Upright Row

Perform a side lunge, bringing weights toward the floor. Lift up so that you are standing with legs hip-distance apart. Perform a row (or even a curl) and then move back to the side lunge again.

This move works a variety of muscles, from your legs to your arms. You can get some heat in your core by bending forward when you row, taking care that your back is not arched to prevent injury.

Full Body Exercise Is Efficient and Effective

If you want to work every muscle group in your body and feel good doing it, these exercises help you build strength, endurance, and cardio. You will work hard, but you will also see results by using these simple but effective exercises.

Talk to a training professional to learn more full-body exercises.