7 Unwritten Rules Of Etiquette At The Gym Or Fitness Center

Posted on: 6 March 2023

If you go to a gym or fitness center regularly, you likely know who does and who does not follow the simple rules of good manners. The way that someone acts at a gym says a lot about them. Don't be one of those people that has poor social etiquette at the gym.  

Keep these seven unwritten rules of etiquette in mind the next time that you are working out:

1. Wipe the machines

Ask anyone that works out regularly, and they will tell you that a big gripe is when people don't wipe down the machine after use. For this reason, make sure to carry a towel so you won't be one they point the finger at! 

2. Curb the urge to video

If you must take a selfie, do it quickly and move on. Not everyone is a fan of being photographed when working out. Curb the urge to video in the gym; this can be more than annoying for others, and some may feel that it directly violates their privacy. Allow the gym to be a comfortable place for all who go there.  

3. Don't get too close

Try not to hover and stay at a distance when watching or waiting for your turn. Many people feel uncomfortable if others get too close — and it could be misperceived, making some people feel unsafe.  

4. Wait to talk on the phone

Another annoyance is when people hold long, loud conversations on the phone at the gym. It can feel like eavesdropping to have to listen to one side of a stranger's conversation; do everyone a favor and step out to take your call.  

5. Don't save machines

Holding machines for others is also a no-no. If someone is not there yet or steps away, let others waiting have a turn. Saving machines can be a big point of contention at a gym.  

6. Exit class quietly

If you must leave a class early, do so quietly and with as little interruption to others as possible. If you know that you will have to exit, grab a spot near the door or in the back. It is more respectful to the instructor, too.  

7. Try not to stare

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with someone staring at you? This is another unwritten rule at the gym or fitness center: don't stare. Some people are simply not comfortable working out or being at the gym and unwelcome attention can make it worse.  

Visit a local fitness center to learn more.